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The Meal at Cav Part 1

The A la Carte menu at Cav looked promising.  I asked Regina if her menu has the food prices because it’s typical for fine dining restaurants to have two sets of menu.  One set has the price in it and the the other one without the price which is given to the women.  I like restaurants who still practice that.  I’m told by my parents that it used to be like that for most restaurants – but I think with the realization that women now can pay for their own meals, the practice has been stopped apart from the really fine dining restaurants in some hotels.

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I guess I have to come in full disclosure that I wasn’t expecting much as far as the food is concerned.  I was at Cav for the wine – not the food.  I must however say that I was pleasantly surprised with the dining experience.  I can only call it amazing and I must give my compliments to the chef.

Our meal started with the Amuse-Bouche – which had two components: the pumpkin tart and the green pea soup.   I confess that sometimes – I actually look forward to the Amuse-Bouche instead of the main meal because I’ve yet to experience it lousily prepared.  Cav’s is no exception.  It is odd to have two components to it but it definitely opened up our palates to the succeeding dishes we ordered.


For our first course – I ordered the Young Arugula Salad and Regina ordered the Homemade Duck Sausage.   Regina and I exclaimed that we wish we could master the art of creating Parmesan crisps which the Arugula Salad was served with.   I am not a fan of Arugula and Regina is not a fan of watermelon – but both of us agreed that putting them together was genius.  The Duck Sausage on the other hand was disappointing.  We just felt that the combination of the duck sausage, pistachio and potato did not leave us with happy thoughts.

DuckSausage Arugula

Like any great meal – after the fist course – we must pause and ready ourselves for the subsequent dishes.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Meal at Cav.

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