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The Meal at Cav Part 2

Regina decided to skip the second course because she was anticipating a big serving of her main course.  On the other hand, I love soup and I will not skip the chance of trying out Cav’s Crispy lobster Wonton.  This dish – you have to try.  It is composed of lobster bisque with the perfect seasoning and in the middle are two pieces of Lobster Wonton’s.  My mind couldn’t make up which one is better, the wonton or the soup.   It was so good that I was close to licking the soup off the plate.



We then moved on to our main courses.  Regina’s dish is a 48-hour roasted lamb.  Did that sound good?  Well – it was magnificent.  This review is coming from someone who doesn’t even like Couscous and Okra.  I ordered the Baked Tiger Prawn.  I don’t think anyone can go wrong with Tiger Prawns.  The prawns were seasoned well and it was tasty.   It made me wonder how the chef made it because I can taste the flavor from the outside to the inside meat of the prawn.



After that meal,   I was one happy camper.  I actually hate mentioning this as a footnote – but I did opt for the wine pairing option.  I learned from previous experience that as much as the wine pairing can set you back right up front when you make that decision – it actually ends up better because good food without good wine is at best casual dining.   So in the past when I did not choose to get the wine pairing option,  I ended up ordering a lot more wine to compliment the dishes.   The Sauvignon Blanc and the Pinot Noir served with the first two courses were the right pair.  However, I thought that the Zinfandel paired with the Tiger Prawn was a miss.  I must say though that the Zinfandel was a perfect match for the dessert.


Speaking of dessert – you would have to wait till my next post.  I always write about the dessert separately and when you read that post – you will agree that it deserves to be highlighted.

I said this in the beginning and I’ll say it again – I’m happy that I ended up having a meal at Cav instead of just binge drinking on the wine.  I truly had a great meal.

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