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Meet the Philospher Canines

I think I should change my dogs’ names to Philosopher’s names.  Most of the time, I capture them in deep thought.   I guess, I would also do that if most of the day, I do nothing.  None of them seem to like watching TV – so they definitely have not been made idiots by the box.

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I will name Midori my Beagle – Sartre for the existentialist philospher I never really understood.  I tried to read his book “Being and Nothingess” and could not even get through the first half a dozen pages.  My relationship with Sartre is the same relationship that I have with Midori.  Knowing in my heart that if I try once again – I might get them this time around.

Char Siew the Shar-Pei on the other hand deserves the name Marcel.  For the Blue Eagle readers – yes I am referring to Gabriel Marcel.  Like Sartre I had difficulty understanding him.  However, after you read Sartre ( or attempt to read it ) and with a lot of experts’ guidance – you can project that you understand him.  This is how I think Char Siew and I are right now.  I seem to understand him – and he seems to follow my commands.  However, deep inside I know that i’ve only scratched the surface in comprehending what makes him tick.

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