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OMD (Oh My Dog) I’m Adopted!

MidoriBabyPic Daddy had a revelation for me today. I can’t say I was shocked but it was a bit of information that I had to hear. I’m adopted.

There had always been signs that I was able to detect. We don’t look alike. I’ve got my floppy ears and I have hair all over. He is always standing using his hind legs while I’m always on my fours. Although I thought that it was just part of me growing up. That I’ll be walking on my fours now but as I grow up, I will be like him confidently standing tall.

I must admit though – that although I’m adopted … I’ve always felt that Daddy is my real parent. He gives me everything … I depend on him for a lot of things. He gives me food … regularly. He takes me to see my Doctor when I am sick. I was given all the vaccinations that I should have as a puppy. But the best gift he has for me is when he pets me as I go to sleep or when I’m tired from playing around all day. And soon … he says he will send me to school so I can learn skills that will help me be the best doggie in the world.

Did I tell you that he is also very patient? He walks me everyday. Although – I’m actually wondering why he doesn’t let me walk ahead of him. Now I learned to just follow him … which is a good thing because the other day, I saw a cat which I thought would have been good to play with … but as soon as I tried to jump ahead of Daddy, he stopped me and there was a car that was driving too fast and I think that if got hit by that car I could have been seriously injured. Sometimes I also wonder why he doesn’t answer when I call out to him with my mighty bark. So now I don’t bark too much … I realized that it’s not the way that can get his attention.

So I’m adopted … and I guess that means that Daddy had some choices when he was looking for a puppy. I’m glad he chose me.

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