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Socializing as a Dog Owner

I have actually met a lot of people through my dogs Midori and Char Siew.  The funny thing is when I meet them – I actually remember the dogs names and not the owners’ names.  I am not sure what Miss Manners will say about that – but the truth is – I don’t really care much for knowing their owner’s names.
When Midori has not yet undergone her Ovariohysterectomy, we even get proposals to have her mate with other Beagles.  I politely decline and tell them that I don’t have plans of getting her pregnant – I didn’t think it was right for her and I especially don’t think that it’s right for the puppies.   I surely can’t keep a litter of puppies in my house and I will always be worrying about giving them a good home when I give them up.  Given that Midori is a spoiled dog – I don’t think any other home will be good for the puppies.
Midori - as a Beagle - is very curious.  She wants to say "hello" to all dogs.  This means that she likes smelling other dogs' privates.   It's funny that she's the one who makes the first move --- which is good --- since I'm the opposite when it comes to meeting people.  I'm not the first one to say hello - that's why I've been accused of being a snob.   This is an accusation that I of course do not deny.

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