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The Song in my <3

Glee is the biggest hit on TV this season.  I admit – I’m one of the Gleeks.  It’s actually very natural for me to be a Gleek because I grew up being part of the Glee club.   Singing is one of the many talents that I have.  I’m not a great singer – but I can sing the right notes --- which allows me to be part of a group performing the most amazing songs.

Growing up,  I loved singing so much and being part of the Glee club – that it usually becomes the primary focus of my days in school.  It was such a focus – that every time I am active in the Glee club – my grades suffer.

Competing and performing comes with the territory.  It is true that I was fortunate enough to be part of really good school choirs.   This was true when I was in Grade School and it was true in High School.  This is why we typically get to compete not just in district competitions – we actually compete in Regional finals. 

The most memorable part of the experience is when I actually messed up one of those Regional competitions.  We were singing Gloria – and I was part of the First voice --- I was a kid so I can definitely hit the high notes like any Girl could.   Performing in front of a large audience was Euphoric.  I sang with my heart out --- and for reasons unknown to me,  I sang a different note from what we had been practicing half of the year.  My mistake cost us the competition and of course – that was one great life lesson for me.   It didn’t stop me from competing nor from singing – but it did make me realize that I was not invincible.

Nowadays – I sing only when I have a gallon of Alcohol in me.  I also sing in the bathroom.  I stopped performing.  I guess I grew up and realized that I can never be the greatest singer.   So I focused on what I do best --- leading teams and working in a corporation.

But don’t get me wrong – I miss singing – and Glee has definitely brought back all the good memories that came with it.