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Sosi Markets in the Village

Salcedo Market

I call the weekend market at the Velasquez/Salcedo Park – the sosi market.  Sosi of course is the contraction of the Filipino colloquial term sosyal (high society).  This of course denotes that the products being sold are mostly high quality ( or organic or hand made ) but it also means that the prices are higher than what you can get from the local grocer or market.

We are not fans of the market in the House of Queens because we think that it contributes to unnecessary weekend traffic in the Salcedo Village.  Saturdays and Sundays,  we were hoping, will give us respite from the usual vehicular traffic of the weekdays.  So the market definitely takes that away from us.  I am however craving for good home made salad – that’s why we decided to walk over to the park and get our salad greens, fresh fruits, organic salad dressing and nuts.  The resulting product was amazing and it kinda made me thankful that we have the market in the neighborhood.  Just kinda … not yet a full convert.


Apart from the salad ingredients, we did score some organic cleansers and deodorizers for the dogs and our linens.  Recently, Madre de Cacao was prescribed for our two beagles because they say it’s got antiseptic and antifungal properties   I do remember the plant and the leaves from my childhood days in San Pablo, Laguna.  If you get a chance to see the actual plant, ask a local if they know how to make the leaves pop like firecrackers. Going back to the cleansers – we got the pet deodorizer,  the enzymatic cleaner ( ideal for the house training of our puppy Char Siew ), and linen spray – which I need because I’m allergic to dust mites.

I guess you can call our weekend very organic.  I wonder if this opening will give me an itch to regularly checkout the market from now on.  I don’t expect it – but who knows?

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