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The Animals we Met in Coron

The trip to Coron brought the House of Queens closer to nature.   We saw exotic creatures and plants in this trip.  However,  we also encountered household creatures like dogs, pigs, chickens, cows, etc.   Throughout town, we see chickens crossing the street.  That always triggers a chuckle – and prompts me to ask, “Why did THAT chicken cross the road?”.   It is customary in farms or rural areas to be awakened by roosters – but from where we were staying, we were awakened by pigs being brought to the local public market.
In Calauit,  I have shown the pictures of the GIraffe and the Zebras.  However – there are other local animals in the reservation.

Here are some pictures of animals we encountered in our trip to Coron.

This cat was roaming the grounds close to the Maquinit hot springs.  Those small stumps that you see surrounding the cat are parts of the root of the mangroves which can be found around the area. 

These brother and sister puppies joined their humans in their Island Hopping adventure.  It must have been a blast to go swimming with them in the twin lagoon.  When I saw them I also missed my babies: Midori and Char Siew.

A Family of deer.  It was hard to get a face picture of the deer because they go away when you approach them.   These are all youngsters and females.   The male deer have horns.

A family of Porcupines.  It was great to have the opportunity to be this close to porcupines.  It was my first time.  They were shy – and apart from one who openly greeted us,  all others tried to hide behind the bamboo found in their habitat.

This is the Palawan Bearcat.  It’s a nocturnal animal which is why it was only found way up the trees.  I had to max-out the zoom capability of the camera to take this picture.

There are two alligators in this picture.  One in the foreground – and you can see the tail and part of the head of an alligator underneath it.   There are half a dozen alligators in the Calauit Conservation park.

We were trying to gently coax the turtle to come out of its shell.

This is a relative of the local Civet (or Alamid).  Like the Bearcat it’s a nocturnal animal so we are actually disturbing it during our visit.  This is something that I’m truly sorry for because I know how it feels to be woken up during the day while I am asleep.

Lovely animals.  Looking at these photos makes me want to go back to Coron to visit them.

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