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The Cabanas of Waling Waling

Boracay08 (54) Waling Waling is our favorite Boracay resort.  It is one of the first establishments in the Island.  For those who had been visiting the island before the tourism boom,  it becomes the first choice for accommodation.  For the Queendom, Waling Waling is number one because of its Cabanas.  These are huts placed along the property’s beach front for guests to lounge in.

What can you do at the Waling Waling Cabanas?

People Watching

Boracay08 (124) Boracay08 (203)

Relax at the Hammock

Boracay08 (135)Boracay08 (130) 

Watch the Sunset

Boracay08 (185) Boracay08 (199)

You can also order food to be served at the Cabana from the resorts’ restaurant.  Just make sure you ask the hotel guests if you need to reserve a spot at the Cabana.  During peak season, you will have to take turns with the other guests.  During low or off-peak season – you can stay at the Cabana for hours without being disturbed.

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