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Climbing Mt. Tapyas

Mt. Tapyas is the highest point in the town of Coron.  When you get to Coron, there are three activities that the locals will suggest: Island Hopping, Maquinit Hot Springs, and a hike up Mt. Tapyas.  During the House of Queens’ vacation, we did all three.

Climbing Mt. Tapyas really means climbing up 740 steps to the observation deck. It’s a challenging climb if you are out of shape but I’ve seen even old people and children complete the climb. You can complete the 740 steps in a leisurely pace – just don’t push yourself hard if you feel shortness of breath.  The last thing you would want is to end up in a hospital while on vacation.

Once you get to the peak of Mt. Tapyas, you are faced with a breathtaking view of Coron Bay.  You will see the town of Coron – as well as the actual Island of Coron and the other auxiliary islands at the bay.  Doing this at sunset or sunrise can provide a large number of opportunities for good pictures.  Of course, I took dozens of them during the climb up,  at the peak, as well as the way down.  That’s actually one of the things that you must remember when doing this activity – do not just wait to reach the peak – there are plenty of opportunities to get a glimpse of heaven while on your way up and down.

These are my favorite photos from Mt. Tapyas.  For me, these photos seem to say that at the peak, heaven does seem a lot closer.

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