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Defying Gravity @ Macau Tower

MacauTowerI have a great fear of heights.  I’ve had it as a child and I still have it as an  adult.  I won’t say that I have Acrophobia because I don’t end up a basket case when I am presented with opportunities to be way high up there.  However, I am known to shy away from activities that requires me to be in high places.  These activities include bungee jumping, sky-diving, ferris wheels, roller coasters … well you get the idea.

When we were in Macau, we visited the Macau Tower.  This is not my first time to visit a Communication tower.  I have been to the Sky Tower in Auckland.  The Sky Tower was the first encounter I had on attempting to stand on top of a small square foot of the floor made of glass.  This means that your brain – while looking down at this piece of glass – thinks that you are actually standing on nothing and that you are about to fall.  It was difficult for me then and the level of anxiety I felt at the Macau tower was multiplied a hundred fold.  Instead of a small window, there was at least a third of the observation deck’s floors made of see-through glass.

DefyingGravity LookingDown 

SteponGlass This is a picture of my feet standing on top of the transparent glass plate.  I was told it was made of really thick reinforced glass.  However – I am telling you – I stepped on the glass plate really really slowly all the while saying my rosary ( even though I have not been religious recently ).   That attempt was successful and it felt as if I have defied gravity.

As I became more comfortable with the idea of walking on glass,  I actually managed to walk around the area where they had the glass floors.   As I did it – I conquered my fear and I was able to do it comfortably.   This was awesome because that means I am now able to appreciate the amazing view of Macau from where we were.


Next time I visit Macau Tower – who knows?  I might actually be inspired and join bungee bear and actually do a bungee jump from 328 meters above ground.


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