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Diary Entry 2009 – I Love the Nightlife

It is 11:00 AM and typically I should be asleep at this time, recovering from the previous work day and energizing myself for the next work day. Technically speaking, I should actually be referring to it as a work night. I as well as the other citizens of the queendom work nights, this is why the house of queens is actually quiet during the day with all the blinds and curtains drawn to allow us to sleep while the sun is out.

I have been following this schedule for the past couple of years. In my previous job, I worked between days and nights depending on which client I have to work with.  Our parents, family and friends have gotten used to this schedule. However - when we all started with the night schedule - it was a big concern for everyone.  My parents were concerned about our safety, our health and our sanity. However - after years of working nights - all of us recognized that as much as it was an inconvenience when we started, one can actually still live a quality life with this otherwise odd schedule.

There are definitely some pointers for someone who works nights to ensure that it does not become the bane of one's existence. These are some of things that come to mind:

1. Vocabulary and terminology is important. When I wake up and have my first meal - I refer to it as breakfast. The meal that I have at midnight is lunch. Before I sleep when the sun is just coming out - I have dinner. This is important especially for meals because it does provide one a semblance of normalcy even if it is an abnormal lifestyle.

2. Get as much sleep as you can. I have noticed that I require a lot more sleep during the day compared to sleeping at night. Let's all accept the fact that our bodies are meant to be awake during the day --- thus getting a little more hours of sleep helps our body to recover. This means less time for TV. I remember that I used to go to bed at 12 midnight when I worked days. Most of the time I just waste it by watching TV. Now that I work nights --- I spend less time with TV and just go to bed as early as I can.

3. Take your vitamins and eat well. It is also important to hydrate. All around - it just means living a healthy lifestyle.

4. On weekends, spend time with your family and friends when they are awake. What we usually do is we stay awake on Saturday. Sleep in the afternoon through the evening and wake up early Sunday. This way we don't fully disrupt our schedule but still take advantage of the DAY off.

Take note that this schedule also works well for Midori. During the day - she is secure that we are actually in the house with her. I do spend some time playing with her after I walk her in the morning. She then spends the rest of her day with her Nanny. At night when I wake up - I have a little bit of playtime with her and put her to bed as I prepare for work. My sister is also in the BPO business and has the same routine and schedule with my niece.

Wowowee is starting --- you know what that means - it's almost noon. It means I have to go back to bed. Catch you all later at sunset.

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