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Diary Entry - A Tribute to XAC - 2007

Blogger’s Note: I used to own a Ruby Red CRV.  My staff used to call it XAC because of its plate number.  I sold it in 2007.  I’m thinking of getting a new car this year and reading through this blog brought back a lot of memories of my first car – XAC.

Today - as Ryan and I were driving to his place in Marikina ... i caught a glimpse of XAC - my old CRV - which I sold recently.   Memories rushed into my mind as I saw the car ... it was the first car that I bought and selling it should have been more emotional than the way that I felt about it.

That car actually saved my life when I got into an accident ... for those who are thinking about how safe that car is - you can definitely be sure that it's air bag system will save you.

But I think the most special memory I have of that car is driving - with "The Passenger Seat" playing on the radio with the special people in my life on the passenger seat.

You may also notice that I have actually faced a lot of changes recently --- sold my car - and planning to buy a new one.   New job ... and yes ... invested money in a property in Sta. Rosa.

I guess - facing all of these changes come - since I have actually gained confidence about living my life and realizing that I can do anything and not be tied down by the past.   Including all the baggage that one's life brings - material or otherwise.

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