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The Hero, The Sorcerer, the Sorceress and the Beagle

Midori and I just finished our morning walk around Salcedo Village.  For most people who work within the Makati Business district, this village is nothing more than a concrete jungle – impersonal and cold.  For residents of the village like Midori and myself, it is actually our home and in moments like our morning walk – it really is no different from the other residential villages in the city.


Our favorite walking route takes us to the Jaime Velasquez park – which is famous for the Saturday Markets.   Midori and I actually see the tents setup at Friday evenings and torn down on Saturday afternoons.  For us,  Saturday is the day that we dread because it seems like droves of trespassers take over our sanctuary.

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Midori walks twice daily but our favorite time to walk is at dawn – usually between 4 and 5 am.  The sun has not risen and all the park lights are still lit.  The residential cats can be found everywhere but we have yet to find them unaware of Midori and I coming.    As we walk the streets of the village – thoughts of a fantastic world hidden within the trees and the shadows come to mind.  I try to imagine I’m J.K. Rowling imagining a secret world for an unsuspecting boy and his pet beaqle who is apparently a famous wizard.   In my head I try to develop a plot of war between the white Sorcerer who lives in One Salcedo Place and the Dark Sorceress who lives in La Hermitage.  The truth is – although one is white and the other is dark – the heroes of the story still could not decipher who among the two is an ally and who is the enemy.

P5090022 P5090020

The morning walk lasts for an hour.  Enough to give both Midori and I an exercise.  It is also enough for me to continue to wonder if I’d ever get to write this story in my head whose plot is developed in our morning walk.

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