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Italian in the City of Angels


We have heard of great reviews for the C Italian Restaurant in Angeles Pampanga.  However, we have also heard someone say that it is a great Italian restaurant if you are from Pampanga – but if you’re from Manila – you will find it ordinary.  I took that comment with a grain of salt.  I’m not Kapampangan but I know that this province is the home of great cooks --- so if only the Kapampangans think it’s GREAT --- then I would tend to believe that the restaurant has a lot to offer.


I tried the restaurant last weekend – and I must say that I will agree with those who RAVE about the food.  If you are from Manila?  It is definitely worth the drive and I will even say that it’s the best Italian restaurant I’ve tried in the country.

C Italian Restaurant is located along Friendship Road of Angeles City.  The House of Queens is actually quite familiar with area because one Queendom citizen lived in the city for a short period of time.  It is owned by an Italian who made the Philippines his home.  For those who have read my review of other restaurants, you will know by now that I judge a restaurant by its food,  the service staff, and the ambience.  I will definitely rate all of these highly.


In this picture, you will see plates which are signed by famous people who have raved about the food in the restaurant.  Part of the fun is reading through these plates while waiting for the staff to prepare your table.

Blogger’s Note: The rest of The House of Queens’ review of C Italian Restaurant will be divided into two parts.  Drop by again to read about the dishes we ordered.

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