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Long Neck meets No Neck

We spent half day at Calauit Island.  It was a two hour land trip from Coron Town to Calauit.  You basically have to traverse through the Island’s “Highway” from South to North to get there.

Prior to our trip to Coron, we had to ask ourselves if the trip was worth it.  Renting a van or a boat can cost between 150 to 200 USD.  Was it worth it?  Definitely worth it.  I had a great time.  One of the reasons why I wanted to visit the animal conservation area is to meet the Giraffes.  Some people feel an affinity with the elephant.  I am different – for some reason – I felt a closer affinity with the Giraffe.  I must have been one in my past life.

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures with this majestic creature:


“Mighty Giraffe, can I be your human?”


Giraffe’s reply was, “Yes you can be my human. Mwah!”

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