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The Main Course and Dessert at C

Blogger’s Note: This is the third and final installment of the House of Queens’ review of it’s visit to C Italian Restaurant in Angeles Pampanga.

For the main dish, we ordered the Spaghetti Frutti de Mare and the Prawn and Chorizo stew served with Fusili.  The sea-food pasta was good – but the Prawn and Chorizo stew was to die for.  The dish was very generous with the Prawns and each one is again fresh and sweet.  The Chorizo was cooked to a crisp – and we actually thought that it was bacon – really good bacon.



Dessert, I must say was a bit of disapointment.  We ordered three of them – and only one out of the three was good.   The home made Gelato was good.  However, the Creme Brulee and Panna Cotta didn’t seem to be prepared well.  They were a bit “mushy” for our taste.



Dessert aside though,  I would reiterate what I said earlier: C Italian Restaurant is the best Italian Restaurant in the Philippines.  I think I found a regular restaurant destination north of Manila.  ( Blogger’s note: My restaurant destination in the south is Antonio’s in Tagaytay ).


  1. if i close my eyes, I can still taste the chorizo. hi hih i

  2. Me too. BTW, whenever I eat Italian food, I'm convinced that I should marry an Italian guy. If he doesn't know how to cook - I know someone in his family knows how to cook. I guess you can say that the way to my heart is my stomach.