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Movie Diary – Stepford Wives – 2004

Blogger’s Note: I am browsing through my old blogs looking for posts that I think are worth transporting into the House of Queens.

My friend and I had been waiting for this movie. It's a revival of a thriller which revolves around a community in CT where the women become ideal wives after their brains are fried by their respective husbands.

The thriller was transformed into a comedy. I think that attempt was a good move. I also think that it is well cast especially Glenn Close. I love it when she is cast as a psycho.


Personally - I love the fact that they have a gay couple. And I must admit that I could totally relate with the flamboyant man. In one scene - he was even wearing a shirt which resembles one of my Tyler shirts.

As a movie though - I think it failed to provide continuity. The dénouements was a bit hurried. But I've always hated those scenes for whodunits. I know that I could never come up with a fair assessment.


My recommendation: watch the movie - at least for the magnificent suits of Nicole Kidman. If you're a geek and you're married to a superwoman (or a superman) i suggest that you skip it. I don't need you having the wrong idea of transforming us Uber-Fabulous beings into robots so you can feel good about yourself.

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