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New Bombay Then Prince of Persia

Today we were at Podium to watch the Prince of Persia.  The movie was awesome and brought back memories of playing the game.  Of course there’s an added bonus of seeing Jake Gyllenhaal in the title role.

Prior to the movie, we were hungry and found an outlet of one of our regular Indian restaurant in Podium.  We usually go to the branch at Columns.  It’s been a long while since our last Indian Meal so we decided to have lunch at New Bombay.

This time we tried the Goan Curry.  It was our first time to try the Goan Curry (which had cashew in it).  If you have not tried it before, please do and if you want to have a real Indian food experience – don’t go for mild.  Try at least the Medium to Hot flavoring.


The other dishes we had for our meal included our regular Cheese Naan, Paneer Makhanwalla, and Raita.

The meal and the movie was a GREAT combination during a non-eventful weekend.

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