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Nightcap at M Cafe

It was a Saturday night and I just woke up.  I planned to stay awake all day for the weekend but failed to do so and found myself in my dark room discovering that I missed another chance to do something fun during the daytime this weekend.  So as not to waste the weekend, I decided to ask my friends to go out.

We decided to go to Greenbelt.  We could not think of a particular place to go to and we started with the Restaurants at Greenbelt five but ended up walking up to Greenbelt four – where M Cafe is located.   I have written about M Cafe previously.  We usually head out to this restaurant for brunch.   When it was new – we did go there for cocktails.   Recalling that they did serve good cocktails,  we ordered white wine Sangrias.   Some of us also ordered their interesting fruit juices and Iced tea.   If you have not had Duhat juice – this is the place to get to taste it.


We also had a little bit of dessert.   Since there were three of us – we decided to try the Creme Brulee trio.  There were half a dozen flavors to choose from and we ended up with Chocolate chili, Nutty Chocolate, and Kafir.   I liked each and every flavor and my favorite is the Chocolate Chili – but I must admit that I can’t eat it in one go.


When we are the restaurant – we observed that the service crew seemed to be a bit too casual for our taste.  I think it was because they were behaving like a service crew from a bar more than a restaurant.   In fact at one point in time – one of the waiters approached a guest and gave him a hug.  Don’t get me wrong – I like friendly waiters – but I just wasn’t expecting it from M Cafe because it was never like that when we visited during the day.

After the cocktails and the dessert – we went back home and guess what! I went straight back to bed.  I guess I’m really getting old – because I can’t pull off an all nighter anymore.

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