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Preparing my Feet for Coron Activities

Years ago I bought aqua shoes.  They were effective in providing protection to my soles.  However, they were not comfortable and whatever protection I get from harmful sharp things on the sea floor while walking was actually replaced by blisters.

While looking for a new pair of aqua shoes, a new product caught my attention while I was at the Powerplant Mall.  The product is  Vibram FiveFingers.  According to the sales clerk – Vibram is a known manufacturer of Soles for shoes.  Their footwear is shaped like a foot – complete with TOES and a form in which the material seems to hug the shape of your foot.  Apparently – I can wear these for almost anything: swimming, trekking, yoga, and anything that we do in which we typically use a shoe.   The advantage – according to the Sales Clerk we spoke to at FiveFingers -  is that it allows your toes and foot to do what it naturally is supposed to do while doing all of these activities.  The shape of men and women’s feet is a result of a long evolutionary process.  Therefore – confining them in shoes is unnatural and can be remedied by footwear like FiveFingers.

Go ahead and checkout the site of Vibram to see all the other product lines.  I bought the FiveFingers KSO.  KSO stands for Keep Stuff Out – which is another advantage of these shoes over the previous brand that I buy – I always get sand into my footwear which is really uncomfortable.

The only criticism I have for the footwear – I look like a geek wearing it.  BTW – I plan on giving it a test drive during my work out at the Gym.  I’m sure I’ll get curious stares – which is part of the fun in wearing them.

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