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Shooting in the Dark

I am talking about Cameras not guns.  I promised I will publish my favorite features of my new toy: The Olympus Tough 8010.  People already know that it’s a waterproof and Shockproof camera.  Note: right now – I don’t fully trust it’s waterproof capabilities especially since Olympus does not offer a manufacturer’s warranty against water damage.  In my mind – if the manufacturer can’t stand by it’s product with a warranty – then I don’t trust the product.    I am going on vacation this weekend and I’m going to buy a water-proof housing to reinforce the supposedly waterproof camera.  In a vacation – the last thing that I want to happen is me fretting over a broken camera that I just bought.
Anyways – now that I got the water-proof feature out of the way --- can I just say that I love the Olympus Tough 8010?   I am not a photographer.  I just like taking pictures.  I don’t intend to use my pictures to make money or do I have any fantastic notions that I have a good eye for a good photo – however – I do BLOG and I like using my own photos for my blog.   Thus – I need a handy point and shoot.
Most of the time – I get decent pictures – in brightly lit conditions.  My problem had always been low-light conditions.   Especially in restaurants with just candle light.  I don’t seem to get a good shot of the food – even when I decide to use a flash ( which is not advisable when you’re in a fine dining restaurant ).   This is why the first two automatic settings I checked out for Tough 8010 are the CANDLELIGHT setting and the NIGHT SCENE setting.  I am telling you now – this camera gave me the satisfaction in capturing the picture that I want with these two settings.   The good news is – I didn’t even have to use a tripod to shoot my photos.   I actually feel ridiculous toting a tripod when I have a tiny point and shoot.
These are the photos that I shot using the camera – I like them – and as far as I’m concerned – that’s what matters most.

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