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The Starters at C Italian Restaurant

Blogger’s Note: This is the second of three parts on our recent visit to the C Italian Restaurant in Angeles Pampanga.

Our meal started with three appetizers.  I know that this may actually sound a lot – but since it’s an hour to two hours drive from where we live to this restaurant,  we were willing to try whatever dish we can. 

We ordered the Panizza topped with Scallop flakes and shrimp.  The waiter was kind enough to allow us to have half of the Panizza served without shrimp because one of us is allergic to small shrimps.  The Panizza is served with Arugula and alfalfa sprouts.  Note – if you have tried the Dear Darla pizza at Yellow cab – this one is similar to that but ten times better.


The other dishes we ordered were the Garden Salad and the Prosciutto Melon.  The key to a good salad and prosciutto is FRESH ingredients.  I can definitely say that we were served the freshest ingredients.  The prosciutto ham was not salty – which is what we typically find in the Italian restaurants in Manila.  The Garden Salad is not extraordinary – but still worth trying.  However, we did have an afterthought that we should have tried the Ceasar salad instead.



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