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Sweet Temptation from Cav

I was debating internally if I should have something sweet to close off my meal at Cav or should I go for the cheese platter and order a dessert wine.  Then I saw the Valrhona Chocolate Souffle Cake and the debate was easily resolved.   Regina on the other hand was craving for Panna Cotta so she ordered the Yogurt Panna Cotta.

This is the dessert menu wherein you can see the description of the other desserts available.  Each one of the choices look tempting and if I was not watching my weight I would have ordered each and every one of them.


When our orders were served, we got so excited to see that each order was not just made of one sweet concoction – they actually looked like a perfect combination of two separate desserts.  I do not have the right words to describe why I loved both of them so much.  However, this I can tell you – my brain was producing happy hormones all throughout the time that I was eating the Chocolate Cake and getting bites from Regina’s order of Panna Cotta.  The best way to descibe the dessert is to show them through pictures.



This is the last blog entry for my experience with Cav.  I was a very satisfied customer and I’d recommend the restaurant to anyone who would like to have an excellent meal.  Word of caution – in times like these when we want to watch what we spend – this may not be the restaurant of choice.  However, for those who recognize that cost and worth are two very different things – I must say that Cav is so worthy of saving up some Dollars to experience a bit of decadence while dining.

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