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This Gleek is Out of Tune

IMG_0300 I was a member of the Grade School and High School Glee club.  I was never the soloist but at least I can sing in the appropriate key.  I was not pitchy the way that the American Idol judges will describe the contestants in American Idol when they turn out a mediocre performance.

It then follows that when the TV show about a High School Glee Club started on TV – I was one of its fans.  Hey – they were kind-a living the life that I lived in High School. 

So – when the show is on – I try to sing along with the cast.  I thought I did well.  When iTunes published a new iPod app which allows people to sing along to the tunes in Glee – I quickly downloaded it.  It was just 0.99 cents and every song you download which is not part of the songs that are bundled with application,  is also priced at 0.99 cents.

The first song that I tried was my favorite song in Glee: "I’ll Stand by You" sung by Finn to his supposed unborn child.  OMG – I was shocked to hear myself singing out of key.  So I tried a simpler song: Lean on Me.  I was actually better with this song but still pitchy and out of tempo.   I decided to SHARE my performance to see if other people can rate me well.  You see one cool feature of the app is the ability to hear other GLEEKS performing the songs.  I’ve listened to them and there were good performances and there were performances worthy of duets with William Hong.

If you are an iPod Touch or iPhone or iPad owner and you are a Glee fan and you think you can sing – I totally recommend this app for you.  It did hurt my ego – but every time I listen to the other people’s performances – it makes me feel better.  Isn’t that the point of the show: Making yourself feel wonderful by observing how miserable other people are?

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