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To Reach the Unreachable Star – Diary 2007

When I watch the TV shows about high school ... I could not relate to the experience of the geeks --- who were bullied by the popular ones.  I was a certified geek.  Good grades, thick glasses, bad skin ( lots of acne ).  However, I was never bullied ... in fact the popular kids and I got along well.

Of course - I can relate to those times when I would find myself crushing on someone - some of them even my friends .... but just admire them from the sidelines.   I was a bright kid ... but when it comes to attracting a mate ... I was never good at it.

The pimples are gone,  the thick glasses are gone ... and the good grades have paid off - helping in getting me good positions in the company that I worked for.  Good positions in the company translates to having a decent enough pay - to allow me to buy nice clothes, get a gym membership and yes ... get my eyebrows plucked regularly.   Thus the once ugly duckling is slowly but slowly transforming into a swan.   Not just bright ... but beautiful.

Unfortunately though,  one thing has not changed.   The object of my affection remains to be out of reach.  Over and over again ... I fall ... and when I fall ... I fall hard.  But I can't be the right one for the love of my life.

Am I doomed to just be single my whole life?  Or worse --- am I doomed to settle for the one who adores me ... but silently suffer ... because I adore someone else?

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