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An afternoon at Plaza San Luis

The old houses in the City of Manila take me to a time in my childhood which was spent living in my Grandmother’s house.  Thank God that He is very good to that Grandmother and he has kept her healthy even if she’s now close to being a hundred years old.  She’s a dear old lady who has nurtured me in my childhood.  Her house located in the old district of Sta. Ana will forever live in my memories.

Sadly – that house is no longer as glorious as it was because of a fire that hit it a few years back.  It is fortunate that it survived the fire – but a large part of the house is covered in soot.  My grandmother and her sister continued to live in the house but with the passing of her sister, we have decided to get her moved into a new dwelling.

These memories are being brought back by our visit to Plaza San Luis in Intramuros.  This is a place right across from the San Agustin church and it features architecture and furnishings that were popular during the Spanish colonial era.  It is actually the name of one of the Barrios in Intramuros.  It is not the original location nor does it have the original buildings – but they were collections of the rich Filipinos who “donated” them to Imelda Marcos when the latter took on this project.  It’s the project which aimed to recreate the Filipino lifestyle in that long gone era.   Today – it is a favorite destination of tourists.

Here are some of our photos from Plaza San Luis:





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