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Beagles are Pack Dogs even in Twitterverse

Midori has a Twitter account (@MidoriBeagle).  It was a quiet feed until very recently when she started to follow other hounds in Twitterverse.  First it was just a couple of them ---- then the number grew fast ( at least faster than the rate of my Twitter followers ).  Right now – she has 37 followers and a lot of them are Beagles.

We all know that Beagles are pack-dogs.  This is why Midori is an attention wh**re.  Wherever I go – she needs to be close to me.  Her brother – Macchiato suffers from separation anxiety and needs to be around people all the time.   Apparently – even Midori’s Twitter friends have this strong need to be with other beagles. 

The Twitter Beagles love each other.   They send Follow Fridays,  and Woof Wednesdays.   Midori has more interaction with her community than I do.  It’s also very diverse – there are Beagles from Turkey, the Netherlands, the US, Asia, China and even Australia all Barking out Loud (BOL).



  1. I'm so in love with that pic of the two beagles and hugely jealous of their social life - beats mine!

  2. @Tabitha - they're great dogs. I meet a lot of people through Midori. The funny thing is I remember their dogs names but I forget to ask the humans' names.

  3. This is too cute! I need to get my Beagle a Twitter account!