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Champagne Room – One More Time

We have visitors from America and fresh from “My Manila” weekend the previous week – the House of Queens thought it would be good to take our visitors to the Champagne Room at Manila Hotel.  This will be a perfect venue because as we have expressed in a previous post,  the restaurant is charming and from the dinner that we were served, the food is exquisite.

Prior to going to the Champagne Room, we did a quick tour of Intramuros.  We went to the Cathedral, San Agustin and Plaza San Luis.  Dinner reservation is not until 7:00 PM – so we had some time to kill.  Of course our guests were amazed at the historical context we’ve provided regarding Intramuros – which is what we have learned from the tour of the previous week.


Manila Hotel and the Champagne Room’s decoration did not disappoint our guests.  They felt like they were Grace Kelly in the 50s.  I totally agree with them.  The luxurious surroundings of the hotel is definitely good to showcase to any guest.

Overall, we had a lovely evening.  Unfortunately though, the Degustation Menu of the Champagne Room was disappointing.  Most dishes were salty – which is ok if you have an individual salty dish – but if all of the dishes in the five course meal is salty – it leaves the diner filling themselves up with water to wash it down.  The meal is 1,500++  pesos without  the wine.  That is cheap for a five course meal.  I actually think that the Chef and the hotel can improve on the quality of the Degustation menu if they want to attract loyal diners even it costs more.  The luxurious surrounding deserves GREAT tasting food.



Note – that disappointing food aside – the whole experience remained enchanting for us.  It’s good company and a great ambience. 

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