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Happily Ever After

It is odd that in the past week,  there had been three occasions where I have witnessed the life of couples after the proverbial happily ever after.  The first one was the last installment of Shrek.  The second is the sequel to the Sex and The City movie.  Lastly – it’s the real life of one of my friends from college who got married and now has a family comprised of herself, her husband, and their three kids.

My close friends know that I have been eternally single.  No boyfriend ( nor girlfriend ) since birth.  Of course one of the factors leading to this fate is the fact that I was in the closet for such a long time.  However, even after coming out, and hoping that I’d hook up a boyfriend, nothing happened.  Still swinging between dates and encounters but never really committing to any relationship.  I guess you can say that if having a relationship is foreign to the House of Queens,   How much more foreign can a marriage be? After witnessing the three events that I mentioned above,  i ask myself --- is marriage really the life to live happily ever after?

I am having difficulty answering this question.  On the one hand,  Shrek, SATC 2, and my friend’s life do seem to have happy endings even after the significant crises that the main characters faced within the movie.   However, for a strong-willed man who has his own priorities in life,  will there ever be a chance for me to want to share this life with someone else who becomes an equal partner in living this life?  The sob stories of Charlotte, Miranda and Carrie and even the neurotic story of Shrek makes me think – I don’t think it’s worth it.  I don’t think the happy ending is worth each and every dragon that I have to slay just to reach that happy ending.

Of course I have fantasies of being swept off my feet and having a beautiful commitment ceremony – but I’d have to admit, I want to have my wedding cake and eat it too.   I’d like someone who I can share mutual adoration with.  I’d like someone who can love me for who I am and understand when I need to have two days off from our relationship.  But thinking about my prerequisites, I have to tell you – I think my relationship with my dogs meet them.  So why do I need a man to live the happy life ever after?

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