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Happy Memories of the Carousel

If you are a fan of Grey’s Anatomy – you will recall that Meredith’s mother was afraid of the Carousel.  It was revealed prior to her death that her affair with the Chief Surgeon, the love of her life, ended while she and Meredith were at the neighborhood Carousel.  Grey’s Anatomy writers definitely have the talent of crafting melodramatic scenes out of objects that most of us would have happy memories about.

I always have happy memories of the Carousel.  When we go to Carnivals – it’s the ride which I am extremely comfortable with.  I have a fear of heights – which is why the Ferris Wheel ride is a challenge.  The Fiesta Carnival Caterpillar ride and the Roller Coaster Ride is too fast – and I don’t like being in fast moving vehicles wherein I don’t see who’s driving.  But the Carousel is perfect.   Very colorful – with nursery rhyme tunes – it was the ride which feeds my potent imagination.   Riding the colorful horses make me think of myself as the dashing prince ready to slay the dragons.


This is the reason why up to now – when I see one – I grab that chance to relive the happy memories.  

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