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Here Comes the Sun

Sunrise is a special time for the House of Queens.  As everyone else wakes up preparing for their day, the citizens of the Queendom come home from a night at work.  Before heading over to dreamland, I take my dogs out for a walk.  Occasionally, I bring my camera with me to capture the business district at twilight.  The images are hard to capture, but seeing the area before it gets busy is something that very few people get to see.

My Beagle Midori – complaining that it’s too early to do our morning walk.











This intersection is seldom empty during the daytime.  It’s the Paseo de Roxas and Tordesillas street intersection.










The Primafil window display is changed regularly.  It’s lit even at night.







Paseo de Roxas while the lamps are still lit and the Sun starts to rise. 







One Salcedo Park in the foreground and The Regency in the Background.











These Jolli-jeeps ( food stalls ) are open 24 hours.  The scent of Tocino, Tapa, and Fried rice fill the air at this time.






The Philippine Stock Exchange (Left), The Shang-Grand Tower ( Middle ), and The BSA Towers (Right) as viewed from Paseo de Roxas at Sunsrise.










We wrap up our morning walk as the first vehicles start to arrive from outside the city.  It’s the start of their day – and it’s time for the House of Queens to rest.

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