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Midori Greets me Happy Father’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s day.  The holidays of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day were not really celebrated in my family.  It’s really treated as a Hallmark Holiday – which we didn’t partake.  For us the important occasions are the birthdays, Christmas, Death Anniversaries of loved ones, and of course New Year’s day and Eve.  So all other American influenced holidays like Father’s day is a non-event.

Yesterday, a post was made in jest in Midori’s Facebook fan page.  She was greeting me “Happy Father’s Day”.  I know that I always think of myself as my dog’s “Daddy” – but really – I wouldn’t extend it to being greeted “Happy Father's Day by my dogs.  The thought of posting this message occurred to me when the lady in a fast food counter greeted me “Happy Father’s Day” and gave me a greeting card.  I was shocked initially and was fighting hard not to dismiss the lady – since she really was just being nice – even though she didn’t recognize that I’m a single – gay man – who does not have any intentions of fathering a child.

So like in any situations that raise my singularity into consciousness – I deal with it by culling my sense of humor.   Voila – I made Midori greet me “Happy Father’s Day”.  It was touching of course to read it in FB and in my Twitter Feed – even though it’s untrue – and it was actually not my dog greeting me --- but that crazy side of me.

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