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New President for our Country

The new president and vice president of the country were proclaimed last week.  As predicted by many, the only son of Ninoy and Corazon Aquino won the race for the presidency.  And for the vice presidency – nobody foresaw that Jejomar Binay will win.  Both candidates I did not intend to vote for. I was supporting other candidates.   However, the die is cast – and the Filipinos have spoken.  I will support Noynoy’s administration – I just hope that he and Binay are able to deliver to their promises.  More importantly, I hope that Noynoy keeps true to the legacy of his parents.


Blogger’s Note: This photo was taken during the procession of Corazon Aquino’s remains from Greenhills to the Manila Cathedral.   This is the statue Ninoy Aquino whose death propelled his widow to the presidency.  This time, it was Corazon Aquino’s death which launched their son to the presidency.

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