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Pride 2010

It’s Sunday evening and I just got up.  I ended up going to the Pride celebration this year in Malate.  There was the usual crowd, booze, music, and fun that is associated with Gay Pride parties.  I wore all white – which is the Manila tradition for Pride.  Unfortunately – I can count with my fingers – the number of people who did the same thing.  Why call it the white party if people are no longer wearing white?


San Miguel – Our Friend

For those who are wondering why white is the color of Pride in Manila – instead of the more obvious pink color.  This is really a symbolism of the presence of all colors.  You know that the rainbow is associated with LGBT movement – if you’re a geek like me you will know that when you combine all these colors --- you end up with White.   The presence of all colors – symbolizes diversity.  Diversity that I am happy to say most of us in this community are embracing more and more. 

It was a fun night --- but I did end up losing my money clip in the club Bed.  It didn’t dampen my spirits – since I did choose 1 credit card and 1 ATM card and little cash before going to Malate.  Both of these I cancelled promptly.

It’s still Sunday – so the weekend is not over.  Let me greet everyone Happy Pride!


San Miguel – still Standing as Sunshine Dizon rises after the party

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