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The Royal Canines of the House of Queens

Last weekend, we took Char Siew for a baptism.  We are not being religious – but having him get washed during the Dog Wash Weekend for a cause did seem divine.  For those who don’t know,  this event is sponsored by the Animal Kingdom Foundation and all proceeds of the event will go to trying to put a stop to the dog meat trade. This is a worthy cause that the House of Queens supports.

Part of the activity – apart from giving the dogs a good bath is to have the dogs’ picture taken with their humans.  I am sharing our “family” photo with y’all.  For me, the picture displays the distinct personalities of the two dogs.  Midori the Beagle is the jester.  Always making sure that we have something to laugh about in the House.  Char Siew – the Shar Pei – is the serious dog.    He may not have Midori’s sense of humor – but just one look at him will make your heart melt.


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