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Back at Whistle Stop

If you had been working nights for the Business Process Outsourcing industry like I have been for the past decade, you would have had lunch at Whistle Stop at Jupiter. Before the BPO boom, Whistle stop has been our favorite after gimmick hang out because it is open 24x7.  They serve mostly decent food but they also have best selling dishes like Sisig and Pad Thai.  Their menu is a hodgepodge of comfort food.

They closed a couple of years back.  We all wonder if it was due to the competition it was getting from other establishments like McDonald’s and KFC being open all day and all night long.  However, we were thrilled to see that it’s back in business.  They are no longer found in their old location, but they have found a place close to Fiama on Jupiter st.   We are happy campers at the House of Queens.  This means that we have another option for dining out while working.



P7030035   For our reunion with the restaurant, we ordered Sisig, bagoong rice, and Monggo.  Loved all the dishes and brought back happy thoughts.  We also ordered their signature Iced Tea.  The restaurant is no longer dark as it used to but it now has prominent train station decor.  I prefer the old decor but I don’t really mind the new one.




For the new generation of BPO professionals – if you want to taste what your current “leads” grew up on for food – I recommend trying this one out.

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