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Blonde Wishes

Blogger’s Note: This is an old blog entry written when Legally Blonde 2 came out.  The House of Queens is watching the local production of the play this weekend.  As I was reading this entry – I thought I must have been high when I wrote this.


Most of my friends know that my favorite movie is Legally Blonde.  Nope ... people don't think that I'm dumb.  Some people say that I have the stance  of someone who thinks he's too smart for everyone else.  In fact - some people even say that I look intimidating if you see me and you have not met me.

The truth is ... like everyone else … I’m like a dusty old book in the library which may look like a difficult read but after the first few pages, you’ll realize that it’s all fluff.  I don't think that I'm smarter than everyone else.  Having studied in good schools for Uni and High School made me realize that I'm actually not the genius that my parents and my grade school teachers had me believe while I was growing up.  

Now - since people think that I'm intimidating - I actually have been trying to master the art of being a ditz ... that's why I love Elle Woods.   She's a natural when it comes to projecting the image that she's an airhead --- even though she's actually a really smart lady.

Have I been successful?  Too bad ... I'm not ... people still think that I'm the smart one.   The truth is that I don’t mind being seen as smart,  but I also want to hear from people that I’m good looking. 

Maybe I should dye my hair blonde ... what do you think?

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