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Char Siew is Salt

The title of this post can be a bit confusing for those who know that Char Siew is a type of sauce used in Chinese cooking.  How can the Char Siew sauce be salt – you may ask?  This article is not about the sauce.  This is about my Chinese Shar Pei who is named after the sauce. Salt here does not refer to your table condiment – it refers to the latest movie of Angelina Jolie.

One of my favorite bloggers, Jessica Zafra held a contest for her blog readers.   She was soliciting pictures of readers who will mimic Angelina’s pose in this movie ( and all of her other movies ).  It was open to everyone – even cats and dogs.   People may argue that cats look more Angelina than dogs.  I agree – but today – we took a picture of Char Siew and I thought – this would have been a perfect entry for the contest.  Too bad – the deadline for the submission of entries was yesterday. 


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