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Decorative but Utilitarian

Utility holes are typically taken for granted by tourists and city residents.  They are installed by the government or by utility companies ( electricity, cable, telecommunications, waterworks ) to provide ease of access in maintaining services mentioned above.  In our city, the covers for these holes occasionally get lost.  They are a big chunk of metal and can be sold for a hefty price.

During our visit to Osaka, Japan – one of the utility hole covers caught our eye.  It was colorful and presented an image of the Osaka Castle and the Sakura ( Cherry Blossoms ).  


We posted this photo on our Facebook page and an Uncle who lives in Tokyo, Japan was inspired to gaze on the road and see if there are other Utility covers in Tokyo which are as decorated as the cover we found in Osaka.  He wasn’t disappointed.  It turns out that it’s all over Japan.   For those who are planning to visit Japan in the near future – it is natural to look up and gaze at the wonderful buildings.  I hope that this post encourages you to look at the road as well – you may be as surprised by the House of Queens on interesting things that you will never know exists unless you look.



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