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Discovering Grindr

Ever since the Internet was invented, gay men have taken advantage of its capability to prowl the queendom and find a friend, a mate or the next date.  There was ICQ, message boards, Friendster, Planet Romeo, Facebook, Twitter, and others.  Every time there’s a new means to communicate and connect with other gay men – you can be assured that the gay community is there to be the early adopters.


In this day and age of the iPhone and mobile data communication, the latest technology is Grindr.  It is an iPhone app which also works on the BlackBerry and the iPod Touch.  It is like any other networking predecessor except that it is location “aware”.  It knows where you are and it shows you and your potential chat-mates who is closest to you.\

I am one of the late adopters because I didn’t have an iPhone and I have an old version of the Blackberry which doesn’t run the application.  However, I discovered that my iPod Touch runs the application and as long as there’s a Wi-Fi connection, I can login.   iPhone triangulates my location based on my internet access.

I created the account two weeks ago with the following profile picture.  I did get some messages but not a lot.   I am not sure if the men don’t find it attractive.


I changed the profile picture to this one last Monday.  I have been getting a lot of attention ever since.  Maybe it’s the dog.  I checked if my previous profile pic was unattractive by sending it to men who ask for a picture – and they said that it was a good looking picture.  So I am not sure what drives them to make the first move with this newer picture.


I have some hypotheses that needs to be investigated  to see what makes the Grindr community interested.  I will conduct the experiment and I will provide you with my findings.   For now, I will try to enjoy the attention I’m getting from the men who stumble upon my profile. 

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