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Gadget Wish List

I love gadgets.   I think it’s a given because I’m a geek.   I have at least two smart phones.  I have two cameras.  I have two laptops.   I have two iPods.  I also have a Bluetooth Stereo headset.   My free time is spent browsing through the internet for the latest gadget.   I thought it would be good to share the gadgets that are on my with list:

1.  Altec Lansing Backbeat 906

I currently own the Nokia BH503. It is a good bluetooth headphone but it is not compatible with the iPhone and it does not communicate with the iPod.  I spotted the Altec Lansing Backbeat 906 from a friend and I have wanted one ever since I laid eyes on it.

2.  Huawei E5830 Portable WiFi

I have two ways of connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi when I’m on the go.  I have the SmartBro Share It which provides unlimited data access as long as I can find a power plug to plug it in.   I also have a Nokia N97 with Joikuspot installed on it.   It works well but it consumes my phone battery and it also consumes my generous – but still limited mobile phone plan.   WIth the Huawei portable WiFi I hope to get unlimited data access through a separate device from my phone wherever a 3G signal is available.

3.  iPad

Should I still tell you why I want one?   I have the Acer Ferrari One 200.  It’s a handy laptop but it has 3 hours battery life.  I want a device like the iPad which will allow me to consume media online and I don’t have to constantly plug it into the power socket.

Blogger’s Note:

I am debating whether I will include the iPhone 4.0.  I want one but I am not itching to have one.  I have also heard rumors that our company issued Blackberry will be replaced with the iPhone.

I should also add Sony NEX 5 lenses here.  However – who am I kidding?  I am still getting good mileage on the kit lenses of the Sony NEX 5.

So there you have it.  It’s a short list.  I have a planned trip to Hong Kong next week.   I am planning to use that opportunity to go to the Gray and Official market to get these gadgets.  Wish me luck.

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