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Omigod Oh My God You Guys

The opening number of Legally Blonde the Musical is playing repeatedly in my head.  I think it’s because the song is on repeat mode on my iPod.  Moreover, I have been watching a YouTube video of the MTV special half a dozen times already.  I had high hopes for the Musical – because it is based on my favorite movie – but I didn’t realize how much endorphins will pump into my brain by watching the play finally.

Last Saturday, after waiting for years, I was able to see a local production of the play at the Meralco Theater.  We were pleasantly surprised of Atlantis productions’ choice of a new venue.  I have nothing against their usual stint at the RCBC theater – but Meralco with it’s 70s architecture just gives a better theater vibe.

How is it – you may ask.  All I can say is that I give the local production two snaps for good entertainment and good singing.  The stage was also made well even if it was obvious that they had to pare it down for budgetary reasons.   Casting was also good – for all of the characters but one: Emmett.  I’m sorry but casting Nyoy Volante for the lead role is too much of a stretch.  I understand that there is a make over scene – where Emmett should look like “Warner”.  Unfortunately that fell flat.  I need to be able to think of Emmett as a dreamy lawyer once dressed up.  As one review I read puts it – he was cute in a Muppets kind of way.  He did remind me of Grove.

How is Nikki as a Legally Blonde – Woods comma Elle?  She is a good singer.  She can dance.  She was a lot more convincing on the second act.  There is hope for her to be better in this role.  However, my word of advice to this lovely lady is to hang out with one of her show biz friends a lot more: Anne Curtis.  Just observe Anne and her mannerisms and her inflections – and Nikki can portray the pinoy version of Elle woods.

There are noteworthy performances from the support cast – but I will take note of two: Calvin Millado who plays the UPS man.  Wow! That’s a transformation. I remember him in his first play as Roger in Rent.  He wasn’t convincing back then but I guess years in the industry teaches one to develop comic timing and acting.  The other breakaway performance is from Geneva Cruz as Brooke Wyndham, the  Fitness Queen who becomes Elle’s first client in a murder trial.   Geneva’s Whip Into Shape was awesome!  I’m amazed at her vocal power especially while skipping rope.  That can only be accomplished through proper physical and musical training.  A friend did remind me that he was trained by Ryan Cayabyab as a member of Smoky Mountain.

The local production of the play is worth watching because it is based on a very entertaining play.  I will recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the movie and who can actually relate to the lovely story of someone who is able to rise above the odds and discrimination thrown at her because of her looks.    I am scheduling another date to watch it.  I think that the play deserves that and I am looking forward to the development of each actor into their role – especially Nikki.

Omigod Oh My God you guys – Legally Blonde is awesome!

BLOGGER’S NOTE:  If they are looking for real live dogs for the play – I will volunteer my Beagle and Shar Pei.  My dogs are better than those lame balloon dogs they used.

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