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Pre-Movie Dining

The House of Queens has not been watching a lot of movies lately.  We have been preoccupied with Dog Activities and travelling.  However – with the Monsoon season coming and travelling winding down – our weekends are starting to fill up with movie dates.  Another factor in this change is the number of “Must-Watch” summer blockbuster movies from Hollywood.

Watching movies come with pre-movie dining, movie snacks, and post-movie dessert or coffee.  When we watch at the greenbelt area, there are two stores that we love for Pre-Movie dining:  California Pizza Kitchen for their chips and Spinach and Artichoke Dip and Cold Rock for their custom-made Ice Cream.  I just hope that all this pre-movie junk food does not cause us to gain weight this monsoon season.


I didn’t see the sign that we were not supposed to take pictures.

Love Blue Corn Chips from CPK

I think this is a mix of a Koala and Polar bear

Greenbelt 2 – Busy Busy even on a Sunday because it’s Movie Night

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