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Quick Lunch at Cibo


The cold and cough continues on its fourth day.  Because of this, I decided to see the doctor.  The doctor prescribed antibiotics noting that if this was your typical rhinovirus, it would have been gone on the third day.  Having it in full blown congestion on the fourth day just means it’s a different type of infection.

The good thing about the clinic that I visit is that it’s within the Mall.  I was too weak to shop but I was hungry – so I rushed to the nearest comfort food outlet that I can think of: Cibo – by Gaita Fores.  Gaita Fores has a number of restaurants in the metro.  My favorites are Cibo – which serves Italian and the other one is Bola – with modernized Filipino dishes.

For today’s lunch, I ordered the Sardine Panini which comes with a side order of the Potato Chips and Fores’ signature dip.  I usually order a big bowl of the chips but today opted for just the side order since my taste buds are non existent.  I ordered red grape shake for my drink.  I know what you’re thinking – I should not be drinking extremely cold drinks in my condition.   But right now I’m just looking for comfort – and I can find comfort in the grape shake concoction of Cibo.

The doctor advised that I should have plenty of rest so the infection can be gone before Tuesday – which is the day we fly to Tokyo.  I really hope it’s gone by that time.  I’m really looking forward to the trip and I’d like to have a lot of energy to tour the Tokyo and the other cities we plan to visit in Japan.

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