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Seafood at Tsukiji

The Tsukiji market is known among all foodies around the world as the premiere location for sushi and sashimi.  In Manila, the premiere Japanese restaurant is named after the market.  The Philippine restaurant is proud of bringing in fresh ingredients from the Tsukiji market.

Know your Sushi – Use this cup as Reference

During the recent vacation of the House of Queens in Japan – a visit to the Tsukiji market was a priority.  We intended to see the fish auction but we could not wake up at 3:00 AM and be there early enough to be part of the 140 tourists/visitors who can watch the auction.  So when we got there at 7:00 AM, all the fishes were auctioned off and packed and already in drums ready to ship to restaurants around the country ( and even restaurants like the one in the Philippines ).  They were obviously in a hurry to get them to their destination because the drums were moved by speeding trolleys and I felt that I was going to be run over by one of them.

Fish and Sea Food packed and ready to be shipped

So we skipped the auction but we still went to the sushi shops conveniently located near the market.  There were half a dozen of them located there.  One of them had a queue already and it must be really good but we were not willing to wait in line.  We went to another sushi shop and we were treated with the best sashimi we’ve ever tasted.  A note to those who love sushi and sashimi – when the fish is very fresh they end up sweet.   Our favorite among those that we were served are the scallops.  However, everything else: squid, octopus, tuna, mackerel, salmon – were all good.

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