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Sony NEX 5 Smile Shutter

I bought the Sony NEX 5 a week ago.  It is the latest addition to my arsenal of gadgets.  I have thoroughly enjoyed using it in taking pictures of the dogs.  Midori’s Facebook fan page has been updated with multiple pictures of her and Char Siew through the lenses of the NEX 5.  They have been getting good reviews.   So I guess you can say that the camera serves its purpose.  It allows someone like me, a non-photographer, to take great photos.

Today, I am sharing my excitement over another feature of the camera that I stumbled upon.   It’s an important feature for me because my second most photographed subject is myself ( next to my dogs ).  I am a total Camera Whore.  Ever since the mobile phones have been equipped with a camera, I must have taken thousands of pictures of me.  Most of them are shot within arms length because that’s the farthest that the camera can go with me pressing the shutter.   However, there are times when I wanted to take a picture of my background and the arms length method just doesn’t work.   This is where the Smile Shutter is brilliant.

The Smile Shutter is Sony Camera’s technology that allows you to tell the camera to release the shutter when the subject smiles.  For my needs, I can rest the camera on a stable surface with its lenses focused on the area where I will situate myself in the picture.  When I am comfortable,  I smile – and the picture gets shot.  Isn’t that awesome?

I am already planning some shots with the dogs.  I will post my smile shutter photos when I take them.   Here is a shot I took with the Smile Shutter.   It gives the following words a new meaning: “Look Ma.  No Hands.” :-D

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