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Stationery Delight

When we stayed at the Manila Hotel, we were upgraded from the deluxe room to the suite.  The room looked great and spacious.  Our source of delight came from the walk in closets which we wish we could fill. 


Manila Hotel is the oldest five star hotel in the Philippines.  It has been the residence of General McArthur when he was stationed in Manila.  It being an old hotel, you will find the overall ambience charming and elegant.  However, we do find some oddities in the hotel which we can only admire tongue in cheek.  One of them is this wall clock found in the receiving room of the suite:


The wall clock we discovered pales in “tongue in cheek” chic when we opened the drawers of the desk.  There we found supplies complete with ruler, eraser and paper clips.   We realized that the next time we’re going to have a study group, we will remind ourselves to check into the Manila Hotel.


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