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Tokyo is Dog Friendly

I am enjoying every minute of my vacation in Tokyo.  However, I do miss my babies back home.  I wish they were with me here in Tokyo especially since I have observed that the city is Dog Friendly.  There are dog friendly restaurants, great accessory shops for dogs and I see many dogs being walked by their humans even around busy business districts.  One of the most popular icons in the city is Hachiko, the loyal dog who waited for his human at the Shibuya station even long after his human was dead.  They have a statue of the dog at Shibuya train station and they even named a train line after him.  I’m sure that a dog with a Japanese name like “Midori” will love it here in Tokyo.


Hachiko the Loyal Japanese Akita


Restaurant Welcomes Dogs


Dogs and their Humans shopping at the Asakusa Market


Clothes for Dogs at Asakusa Market (this one Midori will not enjoy)

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