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Wonders of Japan

  Geisha Geisha Where are You
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You have seen my previous post on our adventure at Gion. Our primary aim was to take pictures of the Tea Houses in this old district of Kyoto. Our secondary aim is to spot Geishas and Maikos. On our first five minutes at Gion we spotted a Maiko. We were not able to capture a photo of that Maiko because our cameras were not ready. We thought we will not be lucky enough to capture that experience on film; but like a miracle, we spotted a second Maiko. This is that photo posted in Flickr. It's getting a lot more attention than my other Japan photos. The wonder of it all is that the people who are viewing it are even identifying the name of the Maiko and the Okiya ( the house where she lives ). I knew there was something magical about that experience. It's just one of the wonders of my visit to the Land of the Rising sun. That's why I can't wait to plan my next visit.

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